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Online Solutions for your Convenience

Online SolutionsOur Live-Access Software gives full control and accessibility to our customers. It is designed to enable the easiest and quickest possible use while giving you full acces to your shipments.

Live-Access allows you to instantly place your orders online. Our online components were designed with customers in mind. The software is integrated with auto-complete software, that completes addresses after being entred only once. Our website also offers an exclusive feature that give customers the option to place and icon on thier desktop that quickly directs them to thier account wihtout having to login. With our Live-Acces software all your ordering and tracking is only a click away.

Our software allows you to track all your in packages, and see when they have been delivered. You can receive instant notification to proof of delievery either by email, fax or text messages directly to your phone.

Waybill printing allows to avoid having to fill out forms. Your accounting depertment will have full acces to view and print all invoices.

Why Ship West Pacific Couriers?

Our software was created with you in mind. Please feel free to call us for your free tour and demo of our Live-Access software today.

WPC is always trying to enhance our services to you so we welcome all suggestions on improving this robust system.

Online SolutionsCall our customer service line at:
or email us at

Logging In

Login ScreenshotsUpon signing up for a new acount or placing your first order, you will receive your order number along with a Login Name and Password. The online software can be easily accessed directly from our website's Homepage or My Account Page. Once at the Login button; you can choose to click Login button or click the Download Live-Access software button below. The Login button takes you to our page that will request your username and password to gain access. For this option you must log on to our website every time you choose to log in. If you choose to download the Live-Access software then you will gain access to our software directly from your desktop without having to continuosly enter your username and password. Our dedicated clients enjoy the ease of acces to all thier shipments right at thier fingertips with this hassle free tool.

Tracking Shipments Online

Tracking ScreenshotTo track your shipments simply log into your account and:

  • If you are using the login screen, then place the order number in the green "track and order" bar on the left hand side of the screen and click go. If you are unaware of the order number, then click on the "Order History" button and search for the order by date and click the submit button.

  • If you are using the Live-Access download order panel, then click the "History" button (third button on the top of the order panel). You can search for your order by date or click the advanced button to search for your order by order number, pickup locations or reference numbers.

Accounting Invoicing

Invoicing ScreenshotFor your accounting convenience, all invoices for past shipments are available online. Simply log in and search for the order number, or the date of completed jobs and then click on the waybill number to pull up the invoice. The invoice will also contain crucial information such as proof of delivery as well as pickup and delivery times.

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