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West Pacific Couriers Inc. Mission Statement

West Pacific Couriers Inc. core mission is to provide a one stop source for all our customers’ time critical, same day courier and freight, shipping needs. Our Customers will be supported by a flexible, reliable more efficient shipping partner with a comprehensive same day courier service. West Pacific Couriers Inc. has recognized that many enhancements can be made to improve service levels as well as reducing cost. We plan to achieve this promoting dedicated teamwork, innovative transportation solutions, safety, communication and cutting edge technology to manage a complex network of driver agents, customer service representatives, and satisfied clients. WPC aims to provide our customers with a faster, more economical and hassle free services. We hope to become the leaders and pioneers in our industry to create new, innovative and cost efficient ways of conducting business.

New WPC Service Additions

As we continue our commitment to create a comprehensive one stop source for our clients’ courier shipping needs, we have added a new “Overnight Express” delivery service. Due to high demands from our continually expanding client base, for availability of services even after Fed-Ex, UPS or DHL cut off times. This service is geared towards shipments that require immediate late night or after hours pickup and then held overnight for delivery by opening hours to your desired destination.

It’s a common dilemma; you’ve spent all night working hard on a very important project that needs to be delivered to a client by opening hours the very next day, but cringe at the idea of gambling with an unprofessional, disorganized and unknown company. This is why many of today’s top Fortune 500 companies trust West Pacific Couriers Inc. for these time-sensitive deliveries. By using West Pacific Couriers Inc., you are leveraging our investments in the best equipment, driver agent network, ongoing training, technology and superior services to keep your expedited deliveries moving forward and keep you ahead of your the competition. In today’s competitive market place, West Pacific Couriers has today’s best companies, breathing a little easier knowing that their shipment is secure and will be on time every time. West Pacific Couriers - A delivery partner you can trust for all your time critical deliveries.

Extended Coverage Area

We are proud to announce that we have extended our coverage to the San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward, Bay Area markets, as well as California’s most southern city San Diego. This will allow us to accurately control and provide our customers with a complete courier and freight service throughout California. This will prove to be an invaluable extension for our clients as we continue to accommodate our clients’ everyday shipping challenge. This was only possible with help from our clients’ continuous support, West Pacific Couriers team of customer service representatives, and agent affiliations. Thank You All.

New WPC Service Additions

As a way to recognize where West Pacific Couriers Inc. can offer more to our clients, we constantly try to communicate with them concerning their everyday shipping challenges. Many have conveyed the need for a “Route Service” and with popular demands and our promise of continuous customer support, we are proud to announce the new “Route Service” addition to our existing services. In addition we have gathered a team of route specialists to assist in offering an optimal route services department. Their role is to identify and discuss where prices and total distances can be reduced to pass the savings on to you, our valued clients. We would like to thank everyone that continues to support us as we stand by our promise to become the one stop source and recognized leader in our industry and at a price everyone can appreciate.

New Freight Service

West Pacific Couriers is proud to announce our new “Express Freight Service” to be added to our options of existing expedited delivery services. This will allow us to accommodate those clients requiring larger size fleet vehicles for local or long distance deliveries. This service will be managed by our freight division, whose sole objective is to assist clients with all their questions so that we may create a more cost effective and accurate freight transportation solution. Now West Pacific Couriers is better equipped to handle our clients toughest LTL and TL freight tasks. We are confident that with the addition of our new “Express Freight Service” we have surely moved one step closer to providing all our clients and potential new customers with a comprehensive courier and freight delivery partner.

New Website Launch

In keeping with our new dedication to customer satisfaction we had included in our plans a new and dominating presence on the web. With this WPC decided to fully incorporate our clients in making this change. We had sent out our new plans to our clients and requested their help and asked them what changes they would find helpful on our new website. WPC would like to thank all our clients for their support and feedback to this request. After all reviews we had received, we designed a new template to give our website the necessary changes and allow maximum aid and easy navigation to all our clients. The design incorporated new shipping tools, guides and shipping documentation all to maximize our users’ demands. It was important with our design that we kept the template reflected completely upon our criteria of customer fulfillment.

Our coordinated efforts with the Global Marketing Solutions team offered us a striking facelift that incorporated all the essential needs that costumers requested. After the approval of this venture by most of our clients we decided to launch the project immediately with great enthusiasm. The new launch is scheduled to be released Oct 25th 2008 and WPC looks forward in providing all the new features to all our clients. We thank you greatly for all your help and feedback in this matter and continue in our promise to providing you with transportation of the utmost in service.

New WPC Services

WPC commitment plan has now included the expansion of our services as well as the development of new rewards programs for our clients. This development was sought out to not only allow us to increase the services we can provide to our customers but also to allow us to express our appreciation in being our clients’ service of choice. In the evolution of creating these new services we wanted to integrate some key factors to ensure that they would prove to be the most useful by all clients. The new services WPC approved to launch included; New Courier Solution Service, WPC Customer Rewards, WPC Referral Program and WPC Money Saver Courier Solution. With these significant advancements of our services WPC aimed to set a new standard in our courier industry that would set us apart from our competitors and further allow us to continue improving our services to customers. With these new offers, WPC continues to work in the best interest of all our customers and will continue to provide new innovative and beneficial developments as your one stop source for all transportation needs.

WPC Press Release

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