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West Pacific Couriers Inc. - Steps for Shipping

  1. Package Your Shipment
    Proper packaging prevents damage. All shipments should be protected with proper packaging to ensure safe delivery.  WPC offers excellent tips in protecting your shipments on the my account page.

  2. Label Each Package
    Complete names and addresses should be visible on each package to ensure your entire shipment arrive securely.  Also make sure to properly label fragile items to make it clear to anyone you may encounter your shipment.

  3. Complete a WPC bill of lading
    Fully completing a bill of label will help ensure the safety of your shipments esp. with multiple packages.  It will allow you to accurately fill out destination addresses and contacts information for a more successful delivery. 

    Our Bill of lading can be printed from the online order panel (if you placed or order online) or directly from our website my account page. (WPC Bill of Lading). 
    The bill of lading is a legal contract between the shipper (you) and the carrier (West Pacific Couriers). The bill of lading states exactly what is being shipped, where it's coming from, and where it's going.

    The bill of lading acts as a receipt for goods, a contract of carriage, and a document of title. It is very important to correctly fill out a bill of lading.

  4. Order service
    Call your West Pacific Couriers customer care team to request shipment pickup. Or request your pickup online with our Live-Access Software (For already existing customer). When your WPC driver arrives to pick up the shipment, give him or her the printed bill of lading.

  5. Track Your Shipment
    After pickup, use our Live-Access software to track your shipment as it moves from pickup to delivery.  All information regarding your shipment will be available to you.  You will be able to view your invoice as well as see who signed for your package and what time it was delivered.

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