Same Day Courier Services - On-Demand Courier, Messenger and Delivery Service

Terms of Agreement/Conditions:

Definition: On this Delivery Slip/Bill of Lading, "we", "our", "us", refer to West Pacific Couriers Inc.©, its employees and agents. "You" and "your" refers to the sender, its employees and agents.

 By giving us your package to deliver, you agree to all the terms and conditions of this Delivery Slip/Bill of Lading. You also agree to those terms on behalf of any third party with an interest in the package. No one is authorized to change the terms of our agreement.

Responsibility for packaging and completing this document:

You are responsible for adequately packaging your goods for shipment and accurately completing this document. If you omit, the number of packages and/or weight per package, our billing will be based on our best estimate of the number of packages we received and/or an estimated "default" weight per package, as determined by West Pacific Couriers Inc.©

Limit of Liabilities:

In consideration of the rate charged for carrying the items or packages designated, customer agrees that carrier shall not be liable in any event for loss or damage in excess of $200.00 per shipment.  If greater value is declared by customer on a delivery, the shipper must obtain acknowledgment from West Pacific Couriers Inc.© in writing, in which case extra rates may be charged to customer for insuring the excess value.  The declared value does not constitute, nor do we provide, cargo liability insurance.

Carrier assumes no responsibility to make deliveries at a given time, or for consequential damages. Every effort is made for fast service, but a reasonable amount of time must be allowed. Check accepted for COD’s at shipper’s risk.

West Pacific Couriers Inc.© is not obligated to act on any claim until you have paid all transportation charges and you may not deduct the amount of your claim from those charges.

If the recipient accepts your package without noting any damages on the delivery records, we will assume the package was delivered in good condition.

In any event, carrier shall not be responsible for loss, damage or delay arising or resulting from:

  1. act of omission of customer
  2. inherent defect, quality, or vice of the goods
  3. insufficiency or inadequacy of packing, securing, marking or addressing
  4. events of which we have no control e.g. weather conditions
  5. acts of God, public enemies, authority of law, quarantine, riots, strikes or lockouts, or other hazards incidental to a state of war or rebellion

Carrier shall be discharged from all liability in respect to loss, damage or delay unless written notice is given to West Pacific Couriers Inc.© within fifteen (15) days after delivery of goods or date when goods should have been delivered, and suit brought within one year after such date.  For us to process your claim, you must make the original packaging and shipping cartons available for inspection by us.  We reserve salvage rights to freight on all claims. We also reserve the right to deny shipment from anyone.

Responsibility for Payment:

Even if you give us different billing/payment instructions, you will always be primarily responsible for all delivery costs, as well as well as any costs we incur in returning your package to you or warehousing it pending disposition.

Right to Inspect:

West Pacific Couriers Inc.© reserves the right at our discretion to open and inspect any packages before or after they have been retrieved for delivery.

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